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Executive Team:
James (Jace) Musselman Jr. – Co-Founder, President
Finance and Project Development
Mark Milius – Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Finance, Contracts and Negotiations, Project Management
James (Jace) Musselman Jr. – Co-Founder, President

Jace Musselman leverages 10 years experience in the traditional energy sector to enhance and augment operations as financier and developer of clean energy projects.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Jace grew up in an entrepreneurial household and gained much of his knowledge from his father, James Musselman Sr., who has a proven track record of success in the oil business. Jace began his career as an analyst at JP Morgan’s Oil and Gas Mergers & Acquisitions Division, where he analyzed complex opportunities and profitability of energy investments.

In 2004, Jace left JP Morgan to help his father launch Kosmos energy, a start-up dedicated to the exploration of off shore oil and gas reserves in West Africa. Jace was integral to Kosmos’ operations from its inception, working closely with senior leadership to identify the company’s inaugural project. The company raised close of $1 billion for the project.

In 2008, during the peak of global oil prices and the shift in political and economic climates, Jace broadened and adapted his foundation in traditional energy into renewable energy.

In 2009, Jace Musselman co-founded The Green Utility, the parent company of VALTA, with the goal of transitioning his energy industry experience into renewable energy project development.

B.A. University of Texas.

James (Jim) Musselman Sr. – Energy Industry Advisor & Investor

James Musselman Sr. has over 30 years of direct, senior-level experience in the energy industry. Musselman currently is the founder and CEO of the private equity firm, Caelus Energy.

Prior to forming Caelus Energy, Jim Musselman co-founded Kosmos Energy in 2003, and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until December 31st, 2010. Through offshore Ghana exploration efforts, Kosmos discovered the Jubilee Field in 2007. The field is one of the most important oil discoveries offshore West Africa during the last decade and one of the largest finds in the world in 2007. The company and its partners initiated production from the Jubilee Field in late November 2010. Kosmos became a public company (NYSE: ‘ KOS’) in April of 2011, resulting in a valuation of over $7 Billion. Jim retired from Kosmos in an effort to focus his energies on entrepreneurial ventures and startup opportunities. This led to the formation of Caelus Energy.

In addition, Musselman has led several successful business ventures during his career. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Triton Energy, Jim engineered a company turnaround that thrust Triton into the ranks of leading international, independent, exploration and production, oil and gas companies. Initially, Musselman arranged a $350 million private equity infusion for Triton. Under his leadership, Triton sharpened its exploration focus, reduced expenses and restored relations with investors. Financially strong and infused with a new entrepreneurial culture, Triton made a series of significant oil discoveries offshore Equatorial Guinea and developed the initial Ceiba Field discovery in record time. Musselman’s influence and leadership culminated in the sale of Triton to Amerada Hess Corporation (now Hess Corporation) for $3.2 billion, a fifty percent market premium. Following the sale of Triton to Hess Corporation in 2001, Musselman served as a senior advisor to Hess chairman and CEO, John Hess.

Earlier in his career, Musselman was founder and operator of JM Petroleum Corporation, a crude oil gathering and purchasing company with more than $1 billion in annual sales. After selling the company to Wesray Capital Group, he assembled an influential investor coalition and led a successful effort to secure the first Class 1 horseracing license in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After the license was awarded, he led design, construction and initial operation of the Lone Star Park racetrack facility in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Musselman practiced law at Strother, Davis, Musselman and Hill, specializing in oil and gas financing.

James Musselman Sr. holds a B.A. from of Duke University and the University of Texas School of Law.